How to do a good academic speech ? VORMOR

How to do a good academic speech ?

por HeJiang Peng en Mar 23, 2023

Give a speech in English. I belong to the very stupid kind. When I first went abroad, I never gave a speech in English. Before the first speech, I memorized almost all the things to be said. On the basis of memorization, I changed the conjunctions appropriately and added some pauses, so as not to look so memorized. After a few times to form a routine, you will be proficient, you can give up reciting and prepare key words
For some things that are not easy to say, logical or difficult to explain, you must practice several times until you open your mouth. Especially in the introduction or background explanation part, many people can easily see that the focus of this part is on their "hard core" things.
Little do they know that if everyone doesn’t understand what is the use of what you are talking about, who will listen to the next dozen or so minutes? So sometimes it's easier to resonate with the language in plain and easy-to-understand local languages. Here I have to mention a translation device that is very practical for me: VORMOR X7 OCR Reader Pen, which solved some of my grammatical problems very well. Local slang can also be translated well, not only supports 112 kinds of language translation online, but also supports 12 kinds of offline language translation:English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Japanese/Korean/Portuguese/Russian/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/ Cantonese

During the research period, some things were made and breakthroughs were made in speeches. As a result, in a meeting, someone directly asked: What is the practical use of this thing you made? All of a sudden, I ran out of power. In fact, it is very difficult to explain your subject clearly in one or two sentences. If you talk too much, people will be distracted. This is the so-called elevator pitch.
I just met an investor in the elevator. How to sell yourself in the shortest time before the elevator arrives is a big question. After thinking for a long time, and doing experiments on people who are not in my own field, I extracted two or three sentences to summarize my subject.

It is recommended to put some thought into adding some small humor in the beginning, so as to grab everyone's attention and relax the atmosphere. When you see a person laughing below, you also relax. Also be careful not to speak too fast, no one can keep up with your thoughts except yourself who knows your subject best.
The slowdown of speech also helps to sort out thoughts and adapt to the situation so as not to confuse yourself. The last point is to spend more time and practice more. No one can speak easily on stage, especially young doctors who have just entered the industry. You can say that professors can talk without any preparation, but that is the accumulation of decades, starting to be the same as us. In the later stage of the Ph.D., I started to disrespect the speeches, and I was not prepared to go up and say it directly, but I still felt that I was awesome.

After a few times, I found that there are a lot of places I want to say that I didn’t say, and the effects of the places that can be brilliant are mediocre.
It was only when I was defending that I paid more attention to it. I prepared for several days and practiced it more than 20 times. I just opened my mouth at any page. The defense speech must be more nervous than usual, but hesitant and well-prepared. After a few minutes of nervousness in the opening, the speech became smoother and more confident. . So before you become a big cow, you should spend more time to prepare well, and practice more in front of the mirror.

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