VORMOR Sanning Translation Pen Supports Offline Spanish Translation VORMOR

VORMOR Sanning Translation Pen Supports Offline Spanish Translation

par HeJiang Peng sur Mar 23, 2023

In the official definition of the United States, Hispanics collectively refer to people and their descendants from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Spanish-speaking areas of Central and South America. In 2010, the Hispanic population surpassed blacks for the first time in the urban areas of the United States, becoming the largest ethnic minority in the United States. There is one Hispanic in every six Americans. It is projected that by 2050 , Hispanics will make up a quarter of the total U.S. population .

Therefore, the demand for Spanish-English translation in the market has also been derived. Vormor's translation equipment supports offline Spanish translation, and online translation supports 112 bilingual translations in real time. The accuracy rate is as high as 99% . 

Especially VORMOR X5 Pro Dictionary Pen, also updated the Collins dictionary function to help learn English better, English-English translation, better help solve reading difficulties and learning disabilities

In fact, everyone in the United States can really feel the ubiquity of Spanish . Subways and buses are rerouted on weekends, and there are two notice boards in English and Spanish; the goods ordered on Amazon have arrived, and the instructions are in duplicate in English and Spanish; Programs that teach you to speak Spanish; when you fill out your personal information form, there is always a column asking if you are Hispanic or non-Hispanic, as if there are only these two types of people in the world; In full swing, the Cubans in Miami even proudly claimed that they were the ones who decided Bush's election.

In the "Observation Report on Spanish and Latin Culture in the United States" jointly issued by Harvard University and the Cervantes Institute, it was pointed out that Spanish has become the most taught foreign language in primary and secondary schools in the United States , and the demand for Spanish learning has increased in the past 25 years. Sustained and steady growth over the years.

Although the interest in Arabic and Chinese is also on the rise, in fact, Spanish is still the most in-demand second foreign language , from kindergarten to primary and secondary schools, from university to doctorate...Spanish is the most popular language in China. The rate of elective courses in primary schools can further illustrate this situation. The rate of elective courses in early childhood education has reached 90%, and the rate of elective courses in middle schools has reached 93%.

So whether it is life or speech, if you have difficulty with Spanish, then a good translation device is a good choice, haha

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