I want to travel abroad in 2023, but I don’t want to carry too much luggage. Is there any portable translation tool to recommend? VORMOR

I want to travel abroad in 2023, but I don’t want to carry too much luggage. Is there any portable translation tool to recommend?

presso HeJiang Peng su Mar 23, 2023

With this portable translation artifact, you no longer have to worry about embarrassment due to language barriers when traveling abroad.

As a person who loves traveling very much and dreams of traveling around the world, I often cannot restrain my desire to go abroad to "wave". However, because of language problems, I was often unable to communicate happily with the locals, and sometimes I even had to make gestures when communicating. Take a guess, the travel experience is really bad.

Traveling abroad, especially independent travel, sometimes we really don’t know what will happen, such as losing luggage, shopping bargaining, car-hailing drivers deliberately detour, and a series of real travel scenarios, relying on The dumb English learned by doing papers and taking exams at school is really not enough! Especially when encountering an emergency, without the assistance of a portable translation tool, it really may not be able to cope.

So I checked a lot of information and selling point data on the Internet before, and compared many brands of translators. After layers of screening, I finally decided to start with the VORMOR Z2 Language Translator Device, because it just meets my need for outbound travel. All the needs of translation tools ~ (professional and accurate translation, richer languages, not too bulky and very portable)

Especially its real-time translation effect can be compared to the English major level 8 simultaneous interpretation level, just like carrying an English language with you. Professional interpreters are excellent students, and they only serve you alone. It is really easy to use.

 It is small in size, easy to carry, and the functional interface is also very simple. Friends who have too much luggage and have high requirements for translation accuracy and language richness.

When I was studying at Jeonju University in South Korea, I often went to the shopping mall with my roommate to buy some cosmetics on weekends, but because of the language barrier, my roommate usually could only make gestures with the clerk at the top of my throat, while I was relatively more elegant. I usually take out this VORMOR Z2 Language Translator Device


It can translate the course sound on the computer screen in real time, and it can also translate the sound into English subtitles, Chinese subtitles or bilingual simultaneous subtitles in real time. For students like us who study abroad, it is really a lifesaver.

Our study tour class sometimes organizes to go to Hanok Village to experience Korean traditional culture. In the largest Hanok community in Korea, we can not only eat the most authentic bibimbap, watch various Hanji arts, but also enjoy the palace cave here. There are various historical sites such as the Holy Church and the Qingji Temple.

But if you want to understand the stories behind these historic sites, our English and Korean skills are not enough, so I usually use the photo translation function of this translator, whether it is the whole or part of the attraction introduction brand, you can take pictures and translate freely , Then keep it and go back to slowly experience and understand the historical and cultural background of Hanok Village.

Whether you are traveling abroad or on a business trip, or in a restaurant, at the airport, shopping, or reading, as long as you encounter unfamiliar languages ​​and fonts, take a photo with this translator and you can instantly translate 45 languages .

In fact, among all my trips abroad, the trip to Europe is the most impressive to me. When I was traveling in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Europe, I saw the "injured star" on the beach; I saw the afterglow of the former "Eastern European Paris" in Budapest, Hungary; Known as the small town of Lucerne, these trips have brought me growth, courage and independence!

But can you imagine that if the language is not available, the chicken and the duck can still achieve these effects when traveling abroad?

So when I first saw that this translator supports chatting in 109 languages, 12 languages ​​and English Offline translation, and it can also translate dialects, national languages, and foreign accents well, I was really impressed by its comprehensive functions. Impressed by the linguistic diversity.

When I went to the outskirts of Lucerne to see the Church Square, the network connection there was really bad, and it was in the German-speaking area of ​​Switzerland, so I couldn't communicate in broken English at all; fortunately, I carried VORMOR Z2 Language Translator Device with me The translator can communicate with locals through offline translation, which can be regarded as a solution to the urgent need of language barriers.

It can support real-time mutual translation between Chinese and English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German and other 12 languages ​​when offline. As long as you bring it, you can not be restricted by any environment. You want to use it when traveling Sometimes, you can take it out and translate it directly, which is very convenient.

And because the translator has a built-in AI translation engine, it will become more and more accurate during use, and it will understand you more and more. After a long time, it will be like a good friend!

In general, this VORMOR Z2 Language Translator Device is really powerful, and it can be applied in many scenarios, whether you are writing emails, reading menus, signing contracts, viewing product descriptions, visa interviews, or ordering meals , hotel accommodation, transportation and other scenes you can think of or unexpected, can be seamlessly connected for translation.
Sort out the country you want to go to, bring simple luggage, check the travel guide in advance, and then take this translator and go straight to the airport.
Every one of us is away from an instant trip, and there is only such a VORMOR Z2 Language Translator Device that can make your trip no longer lonely, confused, or embarrassing.

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