World Water Day on March 22, these little knowledge of life should be shared with children! VORMOR

World Water Day on March 22, these little knowledge of life should be shared with children!

presso HeJiang Peng su Mar 22, 2023

On World Water Day on March 22, VORMOR would like to tell the children that drinking water is also important:

When going out to school, try to bring your own water bottle;

To drink water with a suitable temperature, do not drink water that is too cold or too hot;

Regularly clean the water cup, the water cup is clean, the drinking water is healthier;

Drink enough water every day, children should drink 1000-1500ml;

Drink water that cools naturally after boiling, do not drink water that has been boiled repeatedly or boiled for too long;

Drink water regularly, don't drink when you are thirsty;

Drink water in moderation and not too much.

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Healthy little habits, have you done it today?


Today we are going to learn common words for World Water Day!

March 22 every year is World Water Day (English: World Day for Water, or World Water Day), also known as World Water Resources Day.

On January 18, 1993, the forty-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly made a resolution 47/193, according to the recommendations made in Chapter 18 of the "Agenda 21" adopted by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, to determine the March of each year The 22nd is "World Water Day". It aims to promote comprehensive planning and management of water resources, strengthen water resource protection, solve the increasingly serious problem of fresh water shortage, and carry out extensive publicity to raise public awareness on the development and protection of water resources. [1] In Resolution 58/217 of December 23, 2003, the General Assembly declared the period from 2005 to 2015 to be the International Decade for Action "The Scarf of Life", starting from the World Water Day on March 22, 2005. UN-Water and UN-Habitat are coordinating World Water Day activities around the world.

In this small course, we use VORMOR X5 Pro Dictionary Pen, a translation tool pen, to help us learn water-related knowledge


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