Vormor Translator Pen

VORMOR X5 Pro OCR Reader Pen

VORMOR X5 Pro OCR Reader Pen
VORMOR X5 Pro OCR Reader Pen
VORMOR X5 Pro OCR Reader Pen
VORMOR X5 Pro OCR Reader Pen
VORMOR X5 Pro OCR Reader Pen

Vormor X5 Pro’s unmatched superscan™ technology, one-second recognition, has an accuracy rate of 99.1%.

The OCR HD camera in this Portable Scanner Pen scans the text information in the picture accurately.

The double microphones on either side of the Language Translator Device help capture more accurate pronunciation when reading out loud.

This Dictionary Pen Scanner's exceedingly large thesaurus is your professional scanning solution for 112 languages.

The 1500 ma Language Translator Device has an extended operating range of up to 8 hours on just a single charge.

Text scanning

The multilingual Portable Scanner Pen boasts high-speed 3000 characters per minute accurate recognition and translation of 56 languages and quickly generates electronic documents from text excerpts.

Photo translation

The built-in HD camera with OCR recognition assists you as a personal Language Translator Device for photo translation in 112 languages.

Voice Translation

The sophisticated Vormor X5 Pro is backed by an easy dialogue AI voice assistant, language accompanying reading function, dual microphones, high-fidelity speakers, and solid keys that ensure clear dialogues and a comfortable listening experience.

The Dictionary Pen Scanner helps students with learning disabilities develop good reading habits and correct pronunciation.

Vormor X5 Pro is an efficient learning tool to organize learning content into electronic notes, develop good study habits, and bring about steady improvement in grades

No matter who you are communicating with, this Voice Language Translator Device accurately identifies their language and translates it into yours instantly.

Vormor X5 Pro, the next generation of intelligent devices that can speak with you and translate your favorite language into another – now at your fingertips!

With Portable Scanner Pen it is now possible to read anything for the elderly and people who suffer from visual dyslexia.

So... Why choose Vormor X5 Pro?

The "fastest" way to translate, outperforms smartphones and dictionaries while improving your fluency.

The most "comprehensive" and efficient all-in-one Language Translator Device.

The most "focused" learning tool, translates even when offline!

High Resolution Large Screen
3.5-inch HD touch screen
2.5D Glass Screen
Ergonomic Design makes it comfortable to hold

Independent Large Speaker
Crystal-clear sound, high volume
Integral Metal Shell Design
More Sturdy and durable

Multi-line Scanning Scan and translate
Complete or multi-line sentences.
Provide a fluent and efficient reading experience

It can repeat the text back to you after scanning words or sentences, which helps my daughter understand the book's contents fast and enhance her reading efficiency

Skylar Z, CA

Vormor has significantly aided me in taking notes for books while reading, making note-taking easier. I like to jot down ideas to remember them later and to share with others.

Roscoe G, NY

I'm now a foreign student in the United States, and it has greatly aided my studies by allowing me to complete reading assignments much more quickly than before. 

Kiri C, CA

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