vormor A20 Language Translator Device No WiFi Needed, 2024 Upgraded High-end Business Translator, Ai Voice Instant Two-Way 138 Language Translator, 5" HD Offline/Recording/Photo Translation for Business (Black) 4G SIM Global Travel Translation Learner

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Product description

【Supports 4G SIM card plug-in use】NOTE: There is a 4G SIM card slot below the power-on button of this translator, which supports the use of 4G SIM cards. However, it does not include a 4G SIM card. You need to purchase a 4G SIM card separately.

【AI Translator Supporting 138 Languages】VORMOR instant translator adopts the latest technology, ultra-fast and accurate translation, the response time is only 0.5 seconds, 98% real-time translation accuracy, and supports ChatpGPT, unit conversion, and currency conversion. Our translator adopts the latest operating system, it will not freeze even after a long time of use, and it also supports OTA upgrade, allowing you to enjoy the latest features.
【Accurate Online and Offline Translation】 VORMOR A20 ai translator adopts the latest translation technology of the four major search engines of Google, Microsoft, Nuance, and iFLYTEK, supports ultra-fast voice translation, and supports online translation of 138 different languages and accents in 17 commonly used languages Offline translation, travel easily even without internet
【HD Picture Translation】VORMOR translator is equipped with 8 million high-definition cameras and advanced OCR image recognition technology. Support photo translation in up to 74 languages, making it easier for you to read menus/signposts/magazines/labels in different languages. Equipped with a flash design, it can be used normally in dark places.
【Portable Size】VORMOR portable translator is compact and lightweight, and can be easily carried in pockets and backpacks. The 5-inch high-definition touch screen allows you to easily read the translated text; the dual operation mode of touch buttons and physical buttons makes it easy for people of any age to use. It weighs only 100 grams.
【Long Battery Life】Built-in 2000Mah rechargeable lithium battery, VORMOR translator can work continuously for 6-8 hours on a single charge, stand by for 7 days, and it only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge. It also features advanced noise reduction and a unique speaker for accurate real-time speech recognition even in noisy. This translation device is perfect for travel, foreign language learning, business trips.

Basic Introduction
It is a multifunctional intelligent 4G language translator that includes 138 online languages and 17 offline languages. It also has a large chatGPT intelligent language model, suitable for various social travel occasions such as overseas travel, making friends, and route arrangement
product name
A20 smart voice translation machine
screen size
online language support
138 languages
offline language support
17 languages
product size
resolution ratio
Battery capacity
overseas travel,language learning,daily dating
delivery time

Product parameters:

Model number: VORMOR A20
Networking mode: 5G wifi/ 4G SIM card/offline

System: V-OS 11
Resolution: 640*1280
Battery: 2000mAh


Standby time: 15 days
Voice translation: 138 online translation

17 offline voice translation

Photo translation:
75 kinds of online

Offline Photo Translation: 41 languages (Albanian (Albania) / Estonian (Estonia) / Icelandic / Polish / Danish / German / Russian / French / Filipino / Finnish / Korean / Dutch/Galician(Spain)/Catalan/Asian/Czech/Croatian/Latvian/Lithuanian/Romanian/Marathi (India)/Malay/Afrikaans (South Africa)/Norwegian/Portuguese/Japanese/Swedish/Slovak /Slovenian/Swahili (Tanzania)/Turkish/Greek/Spanish/Hungarian/Italian/Hindi (India)/Indonesian/English(US)/Vietnamese/Chinese (Traditional)/Chinese (Simplified))

Recording: Support 138 language translation
Bluetooth: Support 
Response time:< 0.2 seconds
Accuracy rate: 98%
WiFi and hotspot: Support
High-fidelity loudspeaker: Support
Dual Microphone: Support
Offline translation: Support (17Languages)

Intelligent AI Assistant (ChatGPT)

Built in 1500mah High-Performance Lithium Battery

180 hours of extra long standby without power failure. It only takes 2 hours to charge.

The portable language translator device are suitable for multiple use scenarios.

Travel roud the World

Learn a foreign language while chatting

Business communication

Shopping and making friends

Input translation: Support  (138 languages) input text, automatically translate it into the corresponding language, and read it aloud

Smart Recording translation: Support (4 Languages) & can translate into 138 languages (The recording can support ultra-long recording translation within 1h)

Language Learning: Supports 138 languages, real-time translation, and can perform multilingual follow-up scoring to correct your pronunciation. better language learning

Conference Mode: Group multilingual translation, 500 people/group.

  • Click [Create] and enter ID number to connect with other translation devices to add mutual translation.
  • Meeting mode is very suitable for establishing contact with business partners. Say goodbye to language barriers and improve communication efficiency.

Exchange rate conversation&Unit conversation: Support real-time exchange rate conversion and unit conversion

ChatGPT Intelligent AI service
Offline language installation package:Supports 138 languages

  • 5.0-inch high-definition comprehensive touch screen, real-time voice, and text display.
  • 2000Mah high-quality battery, 8-hour continuous translation, and up to 15 days in sleep mode.
  • Serve ✔ Ships within 24 hours.🚚✈Delivery within 3-5 days at the fastest✔30-day money-back guarantee. ✔ Two-year warranty.✔Lifetime free online upgrade

    System language 13 languages:

    Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Japanese German English Spanish French Indonesian Vietnamese Russian Korean Arabic

    Support 138 Voice Translations

    Albanian (Albania)/Arabic (Israel)/Arabic (Egypt)/Arabic (Saudi Arabia)/Arabic (Algeria)/Arabic (UAE)/Arabic (Oman)/Arabic (Palestine)/Arabic Arabic (Bahrain)/Arabic (Qatar)/Arabic (Kuwait)/Arabic (Lebanon)/Arabic (Morocco)/Arabic (Tunisia)/Arabic (Yemen)/Arabic (Iraq)/Arabic ( Jordanian) / Amharic / Azerbaijani / Estonian (Estonia) / Basque (Spain) / Bulgarian / Icelandic / Polish / Persian / Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) / Danish / German / German (Austria)/German (Switzerland)/Russian/French/French (Canada)/French (Belgium)/French (Switzerland)/Filipino/Finnish/Khmer (Cambodia)/Georgian/Gujarati/ Kazakh (Kazakhstan) / Korean / Dutch / Dutch (Belgium) / Galician (Spain) / Catalan / Czech / Kannada (India) / Croatian / Latvian / Lao / Lithuanian / Romanian / Marathi (India) / Malayalam (India) / Malay / Macedonian (North Macedonia) / Mongolian (Mongolia) / Bengali / Bengali (India )/Burmese/Afrikaans (South Africa)/Nepali/Norwegian/Punjabi (Gurumuchi, India)/Portuguese/Portuguese (Brazil)/Japanese/Swedish/Serbian/Sinhala Swahili (Sri Lanka)/Slovak/Slovenian/Swahili (Kenya)/Swahili (Tanzania)/Telugu (India)/Tamil (India)/Tamil (Malaysia) /Tamil (Sri Lanka)/Tamil (Singapore)/Thai/Turkish/Uzbek (Uzbekistan)/Urdu/Urdu (India)/Ukrainian/Hebrew/Greek /Spanish/Spanish (Argentina)/Spanish (Mexico)/Spanish (Paraguay)/Spanish (Panama)/Spanish (Puerto Rico)/Spanish (Bolivia)/Spanish (Dominican Republic)/Spanish ( Ecuador)/Spanish (Colombia)/Spanish (Costa Rica)/Spanish (Honduras)/Spanish (USA)/Spanish (Peru)/Spanish (Nicaragua)/Spanish (El Salvador)/Spanish (Guatemala) /Spanish (Venezuela)/Spanish (Uruguay)/Spanish (Chile)/Hungarian/Sunday (Indonesia)/Armenian/Italian/Italian (Switzerland)/Hindi (India)/Indonesian/ English (Ireland) / English (Australia) / English (Canada) / English (USA) / English (India) / English (UK) / English (Pakistan) / English (Philippines) / English (Ghana) / English (Kenya) / English (South Africa) / English (Nigeria) / English (Tanzania) / English (Hong Kong) / English (Singapore) / English (New Zealand) / Cantonese / Vietnamese / Javanese (Indonesia) / Chinese (Traditional) / Chinese (Simplified) /Zulu 

    Support 75 ONLINE PHOTO Translations

    Albanian (Albania)/Arabic (Saudi Arabia)/Amharic/Azerbaijani/Estonian (Estonia)/Basque (Spain)/Bulgarian/Icelandic/Polish/Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) /Persian/Danish/German/Russian/French/Filipino/Finnish/Khmer (Cambodia)/Georgian/Gujarati/Kazakh (Kazakhstan)/Korean/Dutch/Galicia Spanish (Spain)/Catalan/Czech/Kannada (India)/Croatian/Latvian/Laotian/Lithuanian/Romanian/Marathi (India)/Malayala Malay (India)/Malay/Macedonian (North Macedonia)/Mongolian (Mongolia)/Bengali/Burmese/Afrikaans (South Africa)/Nepalese/Norwegian/Punjabi (Gurumukhi , India)/Portuguese/Japanese/Swedish/Serbian/Sinhala (Sri Lanka)/Slovak/Slovenian/Swahili (Tanzania)/Telugu (India)/Tamil ( Indian) / Thai / Turkish / Uzbek (Uzbekistan) / Urdu / Ukrainian / Hebrew / Greek / Spanish / Hungarian / Sundanese / Armenian / Italian / Hindi (India)/Indonesian/English (US)/Cantonese/Vietnamese/Javanese (Indonesia)/Chinese (Traditional)/Chinese (Simplified)/Zulu

    17 Languages Supported Offline:

    Arabic/German/Russian/French/Korean/Japanese/Thai/Spanish/English/Traditional Chinese)/Chinese (Simplified)/Uighur/Italian/Portuguese/Dutch/Hindi/Indonesian

    A20-Z6-Z8-Z9 Translation Device Differences


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    137 Languages & 45 Accents

    With up to 99.1% accuracy in 137 languages and 45 accents for online version, Vormor's products are the ultimate tools for breaking the language barrier. Vormor also provide you with 12 pairs of offline languages.
    LanguagesLanguages Online
    (voice &
    Online Translation (Voice & Words)
    Accents Offline TranslationOffline
    timekettleArabic timekettle
    Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Aeab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel
    timekettleBulgarian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleCantonese timekettle timekettle
    timekettleCatalan timekettle timekettle
    timekettleChinese timekettle
    Simplified, Traditional, Cantonese
    Chinese⇄English, Chinese⇄French, Chinese⇄Germany, Chinese⇄Spanish, Chinese⇄Japanese, Chinese⇄Korean, Chinese⇄Russian
    timekettleCroatian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleCzech timekettle timekettle
    timekettleDanish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleDutch timekettle timekettle
    timekettleEnglish timekettle
    United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Philipines, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Singapore
    English⇄Chinese,English⇄French, English⇄Germany, English⇄Spanish, English⇄Japanese, English⇄Korean, English⇄Russian
    timekettleFilipino timekettle timekettle
    timekettleFinnish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleFrench timekettle
    France, Canada
    French⇄Chinese, French⇄English
    timekettleGerman timekettle
    German⇄Chinese, German⇄English
    timekettleGreek timekettle timekettle
    timekettleHebrew timekettle timekettle
    timekettleHindi timekettle timekettle
    timekettleHungarian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleIcelandic timekettle timekettle
    timekettleIndonesian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleItalian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleJapanese timekettle
    Japanese⇄Chinese, Japanese⇄English
    timekettleKorean timekettle
    Korean⇄Chinese, Korean⇄English
    timekettleMalay timekettle timekettle
    timekettleNorwegian timekettle timekettle
    timekettlePortuguese timekettle
    Portugal, Brazil
    timekettleRomanian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleRussian timekettle
    Russian⇄Chinese, Russian⇄English
    timekettleSlovak timekettle timekettle
    timekettleSpanish timekettle
    Spain, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Salvador
    Spanish⇄Chinese, Spanish⇄English
    timekettlePolish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleSlovenian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleSwedish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleTamil timekettle
    India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
    timekettleTelugu timekettle timekettle
    timekettleThai timekettle timekettle
    timekettleTurkish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleUkranian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleUrdu timekettle
    Pakistan, India
    timekettleVietnamese timekettle timekettle