VORMOR Z9 New Arrival Language Translator Device, Portable Translator Device with 139 Languages & 4.1" Touch Screen, Smart Voice Photo Translator Real Time, Offline Online Translation for Business Learning Travel (Black)

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VORMOR Z9 New Arrival Language Translator Device, Portable Translator Device with 139 Languages & 4.1" Touch Screen, Smart Voice Photo Translator Real Time, Offline Online Translation for Business Learning Travel (Black)

VORMOR Z9 New Arrival Language Translator Device, Portable Translator Device with 139 Languages & 4.1" Touch Screen, Smart Voice Photo Translator Real Time, Offline Online Translation for Business Learning Travel (Black)

定価 $159.99
販売価格 $159.99 定価 $389.99

Vormor Z9 Intelligent Voice Translator

The language translator device supports two-way real-time voice translation in more than 200 countries/regions.

  • Two-Way Instant Translation: The language translator device can support instant two-way translation, and you can easily enjoy conversations in different languages. The language translation device accesses the translation engine when you speak. Break the language barrier immediately with a response speed of less than 0.5 seconds. Voice and text translation is provided on the touch screen. The accuracy rate can reach 98%, and the voice translation device can meet all your travel or business needs.
  • Accurate Online & Offline Translation: The translator device supports online translation of 139 languages. The instant two way translator is based on the super combination of four engines. The professional neural network translation matrix is only for more accurate translation. In addition, the translation device also supports 17 offline languages, and offline translation packages need to be downloaded in advance. (Note: The offline language pack is limited to some simple daily phrases.)
  • Image Translation and Bluetooth Function: The voice translation device has an 8 megapixel camera, supports photo translation in 75 languages. The comprehensive touch screen 3D arc design makes the operation more comfortable. This image translation can help you read menus/road signs/magazines/labels in different languages. This voice translator device two way also has Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth function can support the connection of a Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth headset.
  • Advanced Loudspeaker & Dual Microphone: the portable language translator device has a high fidelity loudspeaker, which makes the external amplification effect more fidelity and clearer. The translator real time has professional dual microphone intelligent noise reduction pickup. The recording function of translator can realize long-distance speech recognition up to 2 meters in noisy environments. 2000mAh high-quality battery support can work continuously for 8 hours and stand by for 13 DAYS.
  • Portable Design and Guarantee: The instant translation devices is ergonomically designed. The size of the offline language translator is 131*55*12.5 MM / 5.16*2.17*0.49 In, and the weight is 100g/3.52Oz. The two-way language translator has a round appearance and comfortable grip. It can be carried in a backpack or pocket and is suitable for business negotiation, English learning, travel, shopping and making friends. If you have any questions about the language translator device, please feel free to contact us

Product parameters:
Model number: Z9
Networking mode: wifi/ hot spot/offline
System: V-OS 8.1
Resolution: 640*1280
Screen size: 4.1 inches
RAM+ROM: 1+ 8/1 +16
Battery: 1500mAh
Standby time: 15 days
Usage time: 5-7H
Product size:
131*55*12.5 MM / 5.16*2.17*0.49 In

Voice translation: 17 offline and 138 online
75 kinds of online, 45 kinds of offline
Recording: Support
Bluetooth: Support

a. Voice translation
Added to 138 languages
Added to 17 languages

b. Photo translation
Added to 75 languages
Added to 45 languages

c. Supported ChatGPT
d. Exchange Rate
e. Unit Conversion
f. Smart Recording

  • Response time:< 0.2 seconds
  • Accuracy rate: 98%
  • WiFi and hotspot: Support
  1. High-fidelity loudspeaker: Support
  2. Dual Microphone: Support
  3. Online translation: Support (138 languages)
  4. Image Translation: Support (75 Languages)
  5. Offline translation: Support (40Languages)
  6. Input translation: Support (138 languages) input text, automatically translate it into the corresponding language, and read it aloud
  7. Smart Recording translation: Support (4 Languages) & can translate into 138 languages (The recording can support ultra-long recording translation within 1h)
  8. Language Learning: Supports 138 languages, real-time translation, and can perform multilingual follow-up scoring to correct your pronunciation. better language learning
  9. Group translation: You can build a group to communicate and translate
  10. Exchange rate conversation&Unit conversation: Support real-time exchange rate conversion and unit conversion
  11. ChatGPT Intelligent AI service
  12. Offline language installation package:Supports 138 languages

13 system menu languages:
Chinese /Simplified Chinese /Traditional/ Japanese/ German /English/ Spanish/ French Indonesian/ Vietnamese/ Russian/ Korean /Arabic/Thai

Speech translation offline 17 translation languages:
Putonghua /Taiwanese /English (American) /Japanese/ French /Korean /German /Russian Thai /Arabic (Saudi) /Indonesian /Hindi (Indian)/ Italian /Spanish/ Portuguese/ Dutch.

Support 139 Voice Translations

Albanian (Albania)/Arabic (Israel)/Arabic (Egypt)/Arabic (Saudi Arabia)/Arabic (Algeria)/Arabic (UAE)/Arabic (Oman)/Arabic (Palestine)/Arabic Arabic (Bahrain)/Arabic (Qatar)/Arabic (Kuwait)/Arabic (Lebanon)/Arabic (Morocco)/Arabic (Tunisia)/Arabic (Yemen)/Arabic (Iraq)/Arabic ( Jordanian) / Amharic / Azerbaijani / Estonian (Estonia) / Basque (Spain) / Bulgarian / Icelandic / Polish / Persian / Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) / Danish / German / German (Austria)/German (Switzerland)/Russian/French/French (Canada)/French (Belgium)/French (Switzerland)/Filipino/Finnish/Khmer (Cambodia)/Georgian/Gujarati/ Kazakh (Kazakhstan) / Korean / Dutch / Dutch (Belgium) / Galician (Spain) / Catalan / Czech / Kannada (India) / Croatian / Latvian / Lao / Lithuanian / Romanian / Marathi (India) / Malayalam (India) / Malay / Macedonian (North Macedonia) / Mongolian (Mongolia) / Bengali / Bengali (India )/Burmese/Afrikaans (South Africa)/Nepali/Norwegian/Punjabi (Gurumuchi, India)/Portuguese/Portuguese (Brazil)/Japanese/Swedish/Serbian/Sinhala Swahili (Sri Lanka)/Slovak/Slovenian/Swahili (Kenya)/Swahili (Tanzania)/Telugu (India)/Tamil (India)/Tamil (Malaysia) /Tamil (Sri Lanka)/Tamil (Singapore)/Thai/Turkish/Uzbek (Uzbekistan)/Urdu/Urdu (India)/Ukrainian/Hebrew/Greek /Spanish/Spanish (Argentina)/Spanish (Mexico)/Spanish (Paraguay)/Spanish (Panama)/Spanish (Puerto Rico)/Spanish (Bolivia)/Spanish (Dominican Republic)/Spanish ( Ecuador)/Spanish (Colombia)/Spanish (Costa Rica)/Spanish (Honduras)/Spanish (USA)/Spanish (Peru)/Spanish (Nicaragua)/Spanish (El Salvador)/Spanish (Guatemala) /Spanish (Venezuela)/Spanish (Uruguay)/Spanish (Chile)/Hungarian/Sunday (Indonesia)/Armenian/Italian/Italian (Switzerland)/Hindi (India)/Indonesian/ English (Ireland) / English (Australia) / English (Canada) / English (USA) / English (India) / English (UK) / English (Pakistan) / English (Philippines) / English (Ghana) / English (Kenya) / English (South Africa) / English (Nigeria) / English (Tanzania) / English (Hong Kong) / English (Singapore) / English (New Zealand) / Cantonese / Vietnamese / Javanese (Indonesia) / Chinese (Traditional) / Chinese (Simplified) /Zulu 

Support 75 ONLINE PHOTO Translations

Albanian (Albania)/Arabic (Saudi Arabia)/Amharic/Azerbaijani/Estonian (Estonia)/Basque (Spain)/Bulgarian/Icelandic/Polish/Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) /Persian/Danish/German/Russian/French/Filipino/Finnish/Khmer (Cambodia)/Georgian/Gujarati/Kazakh (Kazakhstan)/Korean/Dutch/Galicia Spanish (Spain)/Catalan/Czech/Kannada (India)/Croatian/Latvian/Laotian/Lithuanian/Romanian/Marathi (India)/Malayala Malay (India)/Malay/Macedonian (North Macedonia)/Mongolian (Mongolia)/Bengali/Burmese/Afrikaans (South Africa)/Nepalese/Norwegian/Punjabi (Gurumukhi , India)/Portuguese/Japanese/Swedish/Serbian/Sinhala (Sri Lanka)/Slovak/Slovenian/Swahili (Tanzania)/Telugu (India)/Tamil ( Indian) / Thai / Turkish / Uzbek (Uzbekistan) / Urdu / Ukrainian / Hebrew / Greek / Spanish / Hungarian / Sundanese / Armenian / Italian / Hindi (India)/Indonesian/English (US)/Cantonese/Vietnamese/Javanese (Indonesia)/Chinese (Traditional)/Chinese (Simplified)/Zulu

17 Languages Supported Offline:

Arabic/German/Russian/French/Korean/Japanese/Thai/Spanish/English/Traditional Chinese)/Chinese (Simplified)/Uighur/Italian/Portuguese/Dutch/Hindi/Indonesian

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    137 の言語と 45 のアクセント

    オンライン版では 137 の言語と 45 のアクセントで最大 99.1% の精度を備えた Vormor の製品は、言語の壁を打ち破る究極のツールです。 Vormor は 12 ペアのオフライン言語も提供します。
    LanguagesLanguages Online
    (voice &
    Online Translation (Voice & Words)
    Accents Offline TranslationOffline
    timekettleArabic timekettle
    Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Aeab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel
    timekettleBulgarian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleCantonese timekettle timekettle
    timekettleCatalan timekettle timekettle
    timekettleChinese timekettle
    Simplified, Traditional, Cantonese
    Chinese⇄English, Chinese⇄French, Chinese⇄Germany, Chinese⇄Spanish, Chinese⇄Japanese, Chinese⇄Korean, Chinese⇄Russian
    timekettleCroatian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleCzech timekettle timekettle
    timekettleDanish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleDutch timekettle timekettle
    timekettleEnglish timekettle
    United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Philipines, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Singapore
    English⇄Chinese,English⇄French, English⇄Germany, English⇄Spanish, English⇄Japanese, English⇄Korean, English⇄Russian
    timekettleFilipino timekettle timekettle
    timekettleFinnish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleFrench timekettle
    France, Canada
    French⇄Chinese, French⇄English
    timekettleGerman timekettle
    German⇄Chinese, German⇄English
    timekettleGreek timekettle timekettle
    timekettleHebrew timekettle timekettle
    timekettleHindi timekettle timekettle
    timekettleHungarian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleIcelandic timekettle timekettle
    timekettleIndonesian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleItalian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleJapanese timekettle
    Japanese⇄Chinese, Japanese⇄English
    timekettleKorean timekettle
    Korean⇄Chinese, Korean⇄English
    timekettleMalay timekettle timekettle
    timekettleNorwegian timekettle timekettle
    timekettlePortuguese timekettle
    Portugal, Brazil
    timekettleRomanian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleRussian timekettle
    Russian⇄Chinese, Russian⇄English
    timekettleSlovak timekettle timekettle
    timekettleSpanish timekettle
    Spain, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Salvador
    Spanish⇄Chinese, Spanish⇄English
    timekettlePolish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleSlovenian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleSwedish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleTamil timekettle
    India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
    timekettleTelugu timekettle timekettle
    timekettleThai timekettle timekettle
    timekettleTurkish timekettle timekettle
    timekettleUkranian timekettle timekettle
    timekettleUrdu timekettle
    Pakistan, India
    timekettleVietnamese timekettle timekettle