Vormor T11 AI Voice Translator 106 Languages Device VORMOR
Vormor T11 AI Voice Translator 106 Languages Device VORMOR
Vormor T11 AI Voice Translator 106 Languages Device VORMOR
Vormor T11 AI Voice Translator 106 Languages Device VORMOR
Vormor T11 AI Voice Translator 106 Languages Device VORMOR
Vormor T11 AI Voice Translator 106 Languages Device VORMOR

Vormor T11 AI Voice Translator 106 Languages Device

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I love the Vormor T11! It's perfect for when I visit my family in Europe. The language barrier can be tough, but the T11 helps me navigate conversations with ease.


I recently used the Vormor T11 on a business trip to Asia and it was a lifesaver. Its real-time translation feature allowed me to communicate effectively with local colleagues and close important business deals without any language barriers.


As a private physician.The vormor T11 translator is a lifesaver for anyone who doesn't speak multiple languages. It's accurate and easy to use, and has helped me communicate with people from all over the world.

Product parameters

Name:VORMOR T11 Language Translator Device

1.Networking method: WIFI/Hot spot
2.Display screen size: 2.4 inch touch screen
3.OS: V-OS 5.0
5.Resolution: 240*320
6.Capacity: 1200mAh
7.Working Time: 8 hours
8.Standby Time: 15 days
9.Products Size: 125.8*55*12mm
10. Charge interface: Micro Usb Cable


116 Languages Voice Translaiton

Our translation pen supports 116 kinds of online voice bilingual instant translation and offline translation of 10 commonly used languages

45 Languages Online Photo Translation

The reader pen has a built-in high-resolution camera, which supports 45 kinds of photo translations.

Bluetooth headphone

Our equipment supports Bluetooth connection to your equipment (headphones, speakers, etc.)

Offline Voice Translation and global chat

10 offline languages translations.Global voice groups can be created, and multiple people can chat online

Audio Memo

our translator device is capable of voice recording. After recording, the two-way voice translator can translate into the language of the user's choice. The portable translator is a good helper for your meeting records and review.

Product description
  • Multi Functional Language translator Device: Our language translator device supports instant two-way translation, including 106 online languages, 8 offline languages and 45 language image translation. The accuracy rate of this language translation device is up to 98%, if you love traveling . This translator device will be a perfect travel companion. The translation device is small and portable, and you can put it in your palm or pocket comfortably.
  • Two Way Instant Translation:This language translator devic is equipped with a Google/Microsoft translation engine, which can immediately break the language barrier with a response speed<0.5 seconds. During operation, you only need to connect WIFI or hotspot, press and hold the button while talking, and release the button after finishing, the translated content will display text and play through the speaker. You can easily enjoy different languages through two-way instant translator device.
  • Offline Translation and Intelligent Recording: Our voice translator supports offline language translation in 8 countries. You can download the offline language pack in advance according to your personal needs. The Portable Translation Device also supports intelligent recording, and the pickup distance can reach 6.5 feet through the advanced noise reduction function of dual microphones. The voice translator device is a small recording tool for visiting and attending meetings, lectures or speeches
  • Image Translation: The language translation device is equipped with a powerful high-definition camera for recognition, which supports photo translation in up to 45 languages. The 2.4 inch TFT (IPS) high-definition touch screen equipped with the translation device provides complete readability for text. This real time translation device can help you quickly read menus/road signs/magazines/labels. As long as you point the camera at any text, it will automatically translate.
  • Ultra Long Standby and Wide Application: Our instant translator device has built-in 1200Mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which has a standby time of 7 days and can be used continuously for 8 hours. Enough for you to enjoy a 3-7 day journey. In addition, our translator device is widely used for travel, shopping, business meetings, language learners, making friends and learning foreign languages. If you have any questions about our enence translator, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who is it for?

If you often travel, explore and travel, then you must need a small and portable language translator. With the language translator device, you can go to 100+ countries around the world to communicate with foreigners. The translator device is based on four major engines. Super strong combination to improve the accuracy and convenience of translation. voice translator can quickly provide language help to avoid communication barriers while you are on the go. The language translator will be your best travel companion.

Sourcing Quote Reference

Vormor is dedicated to providing outstanding support to organizations, charities, small to medium-sized businesses with their services. If your team requires translation services or wishes to distribute our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be thrilled to assist you.

Quotation Reference

  • 0-20pcs | $129 USD/pcs | ¥17066 JPY/pcs
  • 20-500pcs | $109 USD/pcs | ¥14420 JPY/pcs
  • >500pcs | $99 USD/pcs | 13097 JPY/pcs

If you have more needs and questions, welcome to leave a message or contact our sales manager!

Email: business@vormor.co
whatsapp ID: 8618820461144

106 Languages & 45 Accents

With up to 99.1% accuracy in 106 languages and 45 accents for online version, Vormor's products are the ultimate tools for breaking the language barrier. Vormor also provide you with 12 pairs of offline languages.
LanguagesLanguages Online
(voice &
Online Translation (Voice & Words)
Accents Offline TranslationOffline
timekettleArabic timekettle
Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Aeab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel
timekettleBulgarian timekettle timekettle
timekettleCantonese timekettle timekettle
timekettleCatalan timekettle timekettle
timekettleChinese timekettle
Simplified, Traditional, Cantonese
Chinese⇄English, Chinese⇄French, Chinese⇄Germany, Chinese⇄Spanish, Chinese⇄Japanese, Chinese⇄Korean, Chinese⇄Russian
timekettleCroatian timekettle timekettle
timekettleCzech timekettle timekettle
timekettleDanish timekettle timekettle
timekettleDutch timekettle timekettle
timekettleEnglish timekettle
United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Philipines, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Singapore
English⇄Chinese,English⇄French, English⇄Germany, English⇄Spanish, English⇄Japanese, English⇄Korean, English⇄Russian
timekettleFilipino timekettle timekettle
timekettleFinnish timekettle timekettle
timekettleFrench timekettle
France, Canada
French⇄Chinese, French⇄English
timekettleGerman timekettle
German⇄Chinese, German⇄English
timekettleGreek timekettle timekettle
timekettleHebrew timekettle timekettle
timekettleHindi timekettle timekettle
timekettleHungarian timekettle timekettle
timekettleIcelandic timekettle timekettle
timekettleIndonesian timekettle timekettle
timekettleItalian timekettle timekettle
timekettleJapanese timekettle
Japanese⇄Chinese, Japanese⇄English
timekettleKorean timekettle
Korean⇄Chinese, Korean⇄English
timekettleMalay timekettle timekettle
timekettleNorwegian timekettle timekettle
timekettlePortuguese timekettle
Portugal, Brazil
timekettleRomanian timekettle timekettle
timekettleRussian timekettle
Russian⇄Chinese, Russian⇄English
timekettleSlovak timekettle timekettle
timekettleSpanish timekettle
Spain, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Salvador
Spanish⇄Chinese, Spanish⇄English
timekettlePolish timekettle timekettle
timekettleSlovenian timekettle timekettle
timekettleSwedish timekettle timekettle
timekettleTamil timekettle
India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
timekettleTelugu timekettle timekettle
timekettleThai timekettle timekettle
timekettleTurkish timekettle timekettle
timekettleUkranian timekettle timekettle
timekettleUrdu timekettle
Pakistan, India
timekettleVietnamese timekettle timekettle